2. Δεν απαντήσατε. Γιατί να εκσυγχρονίσουμε τα δικά μας F-16;








Ο τούρκος πρόεδρος Ταγίπ Ερντογάν απείλησε σήμερα να «δώσει ένα μάθημα» στον ισχυρό άνδρα της ανατολικής Λιβύης στρατάρχη Χαλίφα Χάφταρ, αν αυτός επαναλάβει τις επιθέσεις του εναντίον της κυβέρνησης της Τρίπολης μετά την αποχώρησή του από τη Μόσχα χωρίς να υπογράψει τη συμφωνία κατάπαυσης του πυρός που είχε τεθεί εκεί προς διαπραγμάτευση.


The bezel is by far useless for everyday use. It is a computer. Try this. put the 30 on the top movable ring aligned with the red 10 on the the fixed ring. Now go around the dial to let’s say the 70. If you look what the 70 is lined up with it’s 21. Bang! 7*3=21 and keep looking with every number around the dial. Every number around the dial is now the 3 multiplication table ( you just need to move the decimal point your self. 3 is 3.0 and the 70 if you want 7 is 7.0. If you wanted 3*70 you’d add the zero for 210) It works with any number lined up with that red 10. And since division is the inverse of multiplication, if you look at it in reverse every number is divisible by the 3 that’s lined up with the red 10. want to convert gallons to liters or in reverse, done. Want to convert C to F or F to C done. want to convert MPH to KMH. Want to find out how long it would take to travel 100mi or mk at X Speed. done. It’s quite handy even not being a pilot. If you’re a pilot then time to ascend or descend or fuel consumption or pounds per gallon, imperial gallon, or liter. Oh this might be fun say you’re at an airshow. You know the runway is 2.5km long. As the show plane begins over the runway you start your chronograph. When the plane exits the runway you hit stop. 15 seconds. Align the rotating ring (will represent your distance) with the length of the runway 2.5 (this will be 25 in our case remember we can move the decimal point.) line up the 2.5 with the 15 (time, 15 seconds) on the fixed ring. now look at the stationary ring for an arrow ( I think on the Rotary it’s a white arrow. It’s at about 9:00) at the 36 mark. You’ll see this lines up with the 60. Obviously the plane isn’t moving at 60kph it’s 600! Whew! that sucker’s moving!! You didn’t know you had a computer on your wrist now did ya? LOL…maybe you did. It’s called an E6B Flight Computer. It’s actually only some of it. The full thing can do much more. Check out the E6B on YouTube. Pretty impressive as it was designed in the 30’s and as a pilot we had to learn it and students still have to lear it today. Although we have way more sophisticated whizbang crap on our iPad, phone, or cockpit with GPS and cool stuff, but when the batteries die or malfunction occurs…. These things can be a life saver literally.


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