«Photos of Soviet supermarkets» a thread by Oktyabr @oktyabrvperedi

Oktyabr @oktyabrvperedi
Photos of Soviet supermarkets, a thread.
We are often shown photos of empty supermarkets in the USSR to demonstrate that «socialism starved people in the Soviet Union». However, this is a very disingenuous claim.
  • First of all: yes, there were often shortages of products that were not considered essential, and thus were not regulated by the central economic plan. Which would only show the inefficacy of a non-regulated economic system.
  • Second of all: most of the photos of empty Soviet supermarkets come from the 80s, when the Soviet economy was already collapsing due to the introduction of liberal policies that deviated from a planned economic system. So, again, this only proves the flawed nature of capitalism.

So the next time you see a photo of empty shop shelves in the Soviet Union, ask about the context. Most of the times, it will show the consequences of either a devastating war, or the introduction of liberal policies that sabotaged the Soviet planned economy.



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