Times Navigation: Greek shipowner John Karageorgis makes a large donation to hospitals and the national health care system

John G. Karageorgis, Managing Director of Times Navigation Inc., aiming to help the teams on the front line who are fighting the pandemic caused by COVID-19, is donating to «Evangelismos Hospital», «General University Hospital of Larissa» and «Achillopouleio» Hospital of Volos:

1. 10 Newly Advanced Ventilators for the ICUs

2. 12.000 NK95 Face Masks

3. 3.000 Medical Uniforms

4. Important Supply of AVIGAN Japanese Medicine Proven to be Effective on COVID-19

5. 1 (One) Medical Monitor «General Meditech», G3

Times Navigation Inc. would like to thank all the country’s medical, nursing staff and public employees for their extraordinary daily efforts to make our life safer.



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