Tax evasion scandal from @LouisVuitton in Mykonos-Three illegal POS for money laundering to Switzerland found from Greek authorities @LouisVuitton_HQ

Three illegal POS for money laundering to Switzerland found from Greek authorities by the Independent Public Revenue Authority’s auditors on the island of Mykonos under the «Triaina» operation.

Thus, according to information, 2 POS POS connected with Switzerland were identified at the Louis Vuitton store in the center of Mykonos, while another such POS was located in the same company’s branch office in Nammos Village.

In fact, at the Louis Vuitton store in Nammos Village, Spanish workers were insured in Spanish IKA and the legitimacy of this practice is being investigated.

The two POSs were seized.

Also in the Kaloua center in Paraga, Mykonos, it was found that after the check was carried out there were no receipts of 3,500 euros, while in the tourist goods shop operating in the same place goods did not have purchase invoices. A 48-hour padlock was imposed in the center. Also in the well-known Katrin restaurant in the center of Mykonos, the daily receipts of 19,000 euros were confiscated because it was found that the company had overdue and unregulated debts to the tax office amounting to 380,000 euros. A 48-hour padlock was also imposed on a large washing machine in the country of Mykonos since he had not cut 67 proofs of 13,000 euros.



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